Children's Advocacy Centers have been a crucial part of child sexual abuse investigations and sexual violence service provision in Maine since 2005. Maine's sexual assault support centers are committed to quality services for victims of child sexual abuse, and many communities across Maine are in the process of community needs assessments regarding Children's Advocacy Centers.

Androscoggin Children's Advocacy Center
The Androscoggin Children's Advocacy Center's mission is to promote the healing of victims of child abuse by providing a strong community response to investigation, treatment, and prevention of child abuse. This is accomplished by providing a safe, child-friendly environment for child abuse investigations and treatment; supporting a multi-disciplinary process to working with child abuse victims; and working with the community to develop and enhance services to child abuse victims and prevention programs. The ACAC provides services to children in Androscoggin, Franklin, and Oxford Counties. Contact or visit their website for additional information and opportunities for involvement. 

Children's Advocacy Center of Kennebec & Somerset Counties
The mission of the Children’s Advocacy Center of Kennebec & Somerset Counties is to provide a safe, neutral and child-centered place for coordinated evaluation of children following an allegation of sexual abuse. Using evidence-based practices, the CAC multi-disciplinary team members are committed to the minimization of trauma through a streamlined, non-repetitious and timely evaluation process. Accessible, on-going support for children and their non-offending family members/legal guardian will always be of paramount importance to the CAC team. Contact or visit their website for more information and opportunities for involvement.

There are additional CACs developing across Maine. For more information, visit our contact page and send us an email!